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The Science Of 432 Hz Music Tuning

432 Hz Scientific Pitch

Now in Electronic & Popular Music,

Brings a Whole New Body Experience to Music

Assisting the Synchronization of the Brain Hemispheres, with documented Well Being Effects

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The Science of 432 Hz Tuning


A=432 Hz is a more efficient tuning frequency, which was historically established as the Scientific Pitch, by scientists using the rational scientific process, and made realised in classical music by Italian opera composer, Giuseppi Fortunino Francesco Verdi, over 100 years ago.

A majority of people, have reported, since 1998, that 432 Hz music tuning, is felt by the whole body, as a whole body experience, whereas 440 Hz music is more mental, appealing to the more analytical students of music.


The healing effects of 432 Hz music is now a matter of science!


Why the tuning of 432 Hz music appears to have healing and wellbeing effects, appears evident in recent science studies (2014), that have demonstrated the “amelioration” of a broad spectrum of psychologial issues when patients would listen to classical music tuned at 432 Hz, over a period of 18 months.

Neurological “plasticity” through brain hemisphere “synchronization", was established to be the means by which 432 Hz music engaged the healing effects on this broad spectrum of psychological issues, over 18 months. Brain synchronization occurs at a frequency of 8 Hz.


Over several decades, triple blind studies have been engaged with 8 Hz, with over 2000 participants. 8 Hz is not only close to the Earth’s Schumann resonance, but is also the central calibration frequency of the DNA base-pair arrangement to the hydrogen bound stair steps.

Dr Van Hippel and company established that water has a dielectric resonance of 8 Hz, and Dr Andrija H. Puharich, in his water electrolysis experiments during the 1970s, established that the water molecules tetrahedron, had an:


8 Hz x 8 Hz x 8 Hz = 512 Hz


Electromagnetic absorption resonance, with a side band of harmonic resonances, which included A=432 Hz.

8 Hz is the key in the healing effects of music composed at 432 Hz, ergo A=432 Hertz.









Ananda Bosman developed a new music theory, called, Universal Tempering, utilising the fact that the hydrogen atom’s resonance is a constant of 8 Hz ELF, via the difference in the orbital velocities of its single proton to the electron.

Hydrogen, as element number 1, comprises 90% of the universe, and astrophysicists have long already established that it is present in every cubic centimeter of the universe.

Furthermore, hydrogen atoms comprise over 92% of the human body…

This is besides the water molecules 8 Hz dielectrical resonance, and EM absorption of 8 Hz x 8 Hz x 8 Hz = 512 Hz. During the 1990s Ananda Bosman produced the first electronic and popular music in 432 Hz, with 8Hz, and circadian tempos.


This music was measured by Italian scientist, Dr Nichola Limardo, working at the CERN laboratory, and for the Italian Ministry of Health.

Dr Limardo measured Ananda Bosman’s special music combination, in numerous genres of electronic popular music, from 2005-2007, with specialised laboratory equipment for biological analysis, and other advanced frequency measurement tools.


The results were surprisingly coherent. Ananda Bosman, not only having founded the first modern popular music at 432 Hz, had a unique combination, where the 8 Hz effects, plus the circadian tempos, and the using of the golden ratio throughout the mastering of the songs, produced another kind of therapeutic music, scientifically measured to be highly efficient.

These extensive scientific measurements of Ananda Bosman’s unique AUMega 432 Hz music compositions, allows Bosman to state, legally, that his originating popular-electronic 432 Hz music, has healing and wellbeing qualities, when listened to in their original form, with a diminished effect when a compressed form like mp3 is utilised (Dr Limardo demonstrated upto 70% decrease in efficiency through musical compression. This included Mozart downtuned to 432 Hz mp3).

For this reason, the 432 Music Download Platform, will only allow 44,100 Khz 16 bit quality songs, or higher, studio quality files, to be available. MP3 and its related musical compression formats do not have the same effect.


Furthermore, the classical music world, independent of the popular and electronic music establishment of 432 Hz tuning by Bosman, established that under Kepler’s spherical projection of the solar system, that the entire solar system garden in which our planet is anchored, has an equal tempered tuning, with the

A=432 Hz, and the C=256 Hz.


With planetary cascades of golden harmony, where the orbit of Neptune to Saturn, via a -432° degree (from 360° - 72) and a +432° (from 360° +72), golden mean triangle, coordinating the cascades of musical spherical projection and tuning of our solar system, consistently. Kepler, via this same projection, accurately projected the orbit of Ceres in the Asteroid Belt.


Explore in this Youtube video, watch here.


Hence, the axiom of 432 Hz to 432° is also intrinsic. In the Unified Field Operator Mastering and Number theory of Ananda Bosman, the numbers are THE CODE SOURCE of our creation. This is demonstrated in Earth’s unique relationship to the Sun and to the Moon, with decimal harmonics of 432, in miles. The British mile system, itself is based on archaic Egyptian measures, as well as multiples of the degrees of arc in the DNA’s own spark gap in replication (as presented by Ananda Bosman in September 2000, at the Ecumenical Centre of Unity, Schweibenalp, Switzerland. A five day presentation entitled:


"The God Code".


A=432 Hz music tuning is also an archaic pitch attuning Babylonian and proto-vedic music instruments. Ananda Bosman has uniquely identified the proto-vedic tuning in the most ancient manuscript of mankind, the Rg Veda, which has pictographic representations in the Sarasvati Valley Culture ideographic seals, going back 14,000 BCE.



Scientific Pitch, A=432 Hz, Verdi:

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SEE UNIVERSAL TEMPERING BY ANANDA BOSMAN, a 432Hz Music Multimedia documentary on the 432hz music evidence. Order the 2 hour & 48 minute video, together with the 16 hour full presentation, jammed with the best documentation and mind blowing facts HERE.

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