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Ananda Bosman is known world-wide as the Founder of the modern electronic, popular music tuned in 432 Hz, with 8 Hz effects, and circadian rhythm based tempos, like 72 BPM, & 144, 216 BPM for Trance and Psytrance. Ananda has performed concerts in over 10 countries since 2000. He made the first Psytrance, Goa Trance, and Melodic Trance songs in 432 Hz, using the double circadian pulse tempo of 144 BPM. He also made a new Mastering form called UFOM: Unified Field Overall Mastering, which utilised the golden mean numbers of sacred geometry, genetics, and universal numbers, on ALL levels of mastering. Presently he is experimenting, not only with much slower tempos for altered states, but much faster tempos for the future of Psytrance. The power of tempo Synchronisation between all stages, to create a single synchronised pulse, with sub pulses in harmony with it will blast a festival into a mega powerful event. Especially when 432 Hz and 8 Hz tuning and effects are combined. While the 8 Hz has been documented to cure 27 organic diseases in double blind experiments, the 432 Hz has been shown to synchronise the brain hemispheres in scientific studies. Ananda Bosman is also launching the music download platform, for all genres, and all 432 Hz composing artists in high quality and studio quality format only. He is a dynamic speaker without notes, using vivid multimedia to enrich the transmission experience.

The “Ananda Effect” is the implementation of an exact bi-hemispherical synchronization stimulated by the use of instruments tuned to 432 Hz / 256 Hz. This intonation stimulates the brain to work with 8 Hz, a frequency that balances the synchrony of the two hemispheres, inducing Hypergenetic Awareness of the 8-Arrows of Time and the 8 Polar Opposites by the 8Hz Lens (as the Lotus iso-Hypersphere). More on this matter is revealed in the Diamond Body Lotus Somanaut Training. 

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