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The Golden Tuning Technology of 432 Hertz

A Universal Tempering System

NEW Autumn 2023 Date TBA - Online Event

Learn to ATTUNE Music to your Biology

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Music is the Foundation of Healing & Well-Being

The 432Hz AUMega Music Revolution, is the musical harmonic technology that amplifies the foundational coherence of the body, and synergies with all of the methodologies of the Diamond Body Lotus training, powerfully, coherently, with high experiential efficiency.

You will Learn

Sacred Tuning

Scientific introduction of the tuning & sacred geometry of 432hz in mythology, ancient archeology, & spiritual traditions.

Somatic Integration

Learn how to enter a dynamic flow state of perfect brain and heart resonance. 

Toroidal Ordering

A true calling card to the cosmic symphony of creation and how to tap into the art of expanding your awareness.


The shamanic & meditative effects of 432 hz / 8 hz music and the neuro-revolution of mankind.

The 432 Hz Musicology Activation is your foundation and ticket to the Diamond Body Lotus Training. Diamond Body Lotus training will commence in late 2023 and will be available to 300 individuals ready to experience conscious self-realization and initiation into Universal Oneness and self mastery in the Aquarian Age.