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Envisioned over 17 years before NOW, Ananda Bosman founded the very

1st Popular Music in A=432 Hz tuning

From the inception of the 432hertz.com website, with some 17 years having now passed since Ananda Bosman made the first 432 Hz modern Pop Music,1 along with the first 432  Hz “New Age” and “Ambient” modern music — the A=432Hz musical tuning revolution has taken new strides. 

There are now HUNDREDS of new musicians who are retuning their compositions to A=432hz!





Every sub-generation, DJ N-Ki, Archangel, Flavia Vallega, Andrea Dorea, Helloween, Alin Karna, or 432  Hz (the Band), have each added their own equilibrium since Ananda founded this new music trend with the first songs in 1999 (together with DJ N-Ki and DJ Cyersnack), with indisputable evidence, that will bring a NEW TUNING REVOLUTION TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY FOREVER.

Animation © 2001 by Ananda Bosman

The first A=432 Hz concerts were made in Berlin in 2000, and then with Universal Dances 432 Hz I-11 (Berlin), followed by Universal Dances 432Hz III, Open Air, in Switzerland by 2003.

NOW the looming “Global Song-432Hz” as envisioned by Ananda is starting to germinate, as a fusion of artists compose ONE SONG globally together, amidst a Global Concert-432Hz, in Earth Grid points, in the same Harmonic Sacred geometrical number ratios that 432  Hz and Ananda Bosman’s UFOM: Unified Field Overall Tuning, are utilising, along with 8Hz, and circadian tempos.

(Elraanis magazine article by Ananda onUniversal Dances” & 432 Hz, in 2000 AD:)

Calling ALL heARTists into Musical Manifestation of this Music Revolution.

STAY “A”=432 Hz Music TUNED.

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A Revolution is LOOMING.

The hundreds upon hundreds of musicians that are returning to 432 Hz, is the first glimmer of a new harmonic music revolution that will transfigure musical culture on this planet, with heART.


“THE GLOBAL SONG-432HZ FOR ‘COSMIC CONTACT’” as envisioned by Ananda Bosman in 1997, some 16 years ago, is coming into fruition for the ripe time of the first Cultural Artistic attempt to use harmonics of music, as the language of communication with the cosmos.

Are You Ready?

Note: Ananda Bosman’s groovy 432 Hz with 8Hz Music is available on 432hertz.com.

Our scientists have measured that ONLY the full effect comes across in 44,100khz/16bit, CD quality (70% plus is lost in MP3). See “Intro”:


Animation © 2001 by Ananda Bosman


1. Elraanis Magazine 2000, Ananda on 432hz

Elraanis magazine article by Ananda onUniversal Dances” & 432hz, in 2000 AD:)

  1. 2.A=432Hertz DOCUMENTS in German from Elraanis, Sein, and Integrales magazines going back to 2000 can be found HERE. A=432 Hertz auf Deutsch.

  2. 3. Science & Technical References can be found HERE. Ananda’s Sierpinski Philosophy that has many references and relations in science for the 432 Hz Music revolution, can be found HERE. Universal Dances 432 Hz, from 2000-2001 has much of the science, facts, and philosophy behind the A=432Hz music tuning HERE, and Here.

  3. 4.4. We recommend Riccardo Tristano Tuis’ book on the 432 Hz subject, the first and well documented and technical books on the subject can be found on this website.

5. Universal Dances 432hz 2002, From the German Media in 432Hz auf Deutsch:



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UNIVERSAL DANCES 432HZ — The Most Plagiarised Article on the A=432 Hz Subject on the Web (2000-2001) Here & Here